10 ways to make your brain smarter and faster

There are lots of factors that pre-mould your overall intelligence before you get the chance to do anything with it. Factors such as genetics, diets during infancy, vaccinations, schooling, etc. firmly control how your IQ and brain performance would be. But, just as you can triumph over your weak muscle genetics by hitting the gym, here are some effective ways to overcome the initial deficiencies and make you brain significantly smarter and faster:

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is the best way to detoxify your brain as has been proved by researchers. A sound eight hours sleep daily revitalizes the brain for everyday task. Sleep deprivation not only decreases the learning potential of the brain but also slows down the processing of information done by it. A fresh mind is required for smarter and faster performance and an ample ‘pillow time’ is an unavoidable necessity for this.

Relieve stress

Stresses cripple your cognition, may it be mental or physical. Different individuals de-stress themselves in different ways; for example, music, spending time with family, widening their social circle, hot bath, massages, sports, etc. The point is stressed weaken neural signalling and connection between brain cells, and both are necessary for improved learning and smarter mind.

Exercise your brain

The brain has this unique property to make a new connection whenever information is taken, and it is called brain plasticity. The more information you take in, the more the processing your brain has to make and the more exercise your brain does, the stronger it grows. That means your brain is making more new neuron-connections and your IQ is growing! The Nootropics noopept can immensely help in getting better cognitive performance and improved focus, learning and concentration while you exercise your brain. These smart-drug supplements double-boost your mental-potential and intelligence and improve brain performance.

Practice mindfulness

It’s about your brain-fitness, just like your physical fitness, that decides how fast or smart your brain can perform. The practice of remembering old events or information helps you in mastering mindfulness. The nootropics noopept is beneficial in this aspect too. These supplements work wonder in improving memory and attention. The drill to achieve mindfulness is simple; try to pick up information every day such as a new word or phone number or name of persons or anything that interests you and practice recalling these after every few hours. Repetition of this practice will give you better memory and mindfulness.

Exercise on a regular basis

“You will lose it if you don’t use it” applies to our brain also, just like our body muscles. An active lifestyle includes sports activities, swimming and most importantly, hitting the gym. And physical activities prevent brain cell’s decay over time as has been seen. There is a protein named BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which is produced in blood streams through regular physical exercise and blood absorbs these proteins while travelling through brain veins which yield better memory and focus.

Meditate/Practice Yoga

What can be a better example than the ancient Hindus and Buddhist Monks who mastered supreme intelligence and knowledge through this technique? They were pioneers in meditation and Yoga could maintain excellent memory, focus and attention and enhance brain performance. Practicing Yoga and Meditation not only increases grey matter of the brain for it to function faster but also helps in reducing anxiety and stress and finding calmness.

Eat the right foods

Right kind of food is critical for smarter and better brain. Processed food, as well as food rich in sugar concentration, is a stern restriction if you want to protect your memory and cognition. A healthy diet, containing meats, natural grains, fruits, green and leafy vegetables, fishes enhances brain performance. Lots of water and a bit of dark chocolate in your diet regime will give even better results regarding smarter and faster cognition.

Take an interest in the task

Concentration and memory are two main mental skills that constitute your intelligence. Any task in your day to day life should be dealt with utmost interest and attention, be it as ordinary as engaging in a casual discussion. Tune out or eliminate any form of distraction while doing the particular task as it slows you down. Avoid multi-tasking as much as you can. It splits your attention and concentration and ends up in reducing your overall efficiency. Meditation is fruitful in improving focus and concentration.

Challenge your mind

It is a wise thing to challenge and train your mental skills by involving in solving puzzles, Sudoku, Crosswords, Rubik’s Cube, etc. These tough challenges for your brain speed up your thinking process. Engage in tasks that need a lot of mental labour, logics and intelligence. These activities pump up your brain tissues and make your brain function faster.

Vitamin B12/D

These vitamins are key nutrients for a smarter and faster brain. Deficiency of vitamin B12 (Cobalmin) is associated with memory loss and is found in meats, fish and cereals. The fat-soluble vitamin D functions directly on the cerebrospinal fluid and is a key factor for neurotransmitter synthesis, a mechanism that controls cognition. Both these nutrients are essential for better memory and cognition.

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